Questions and Answers for Applicants

Q: Where can I see your open positions and apply online?
A: Click on the Open Positions link, Search All, click on positions that you are interested in to find more information.  If you are qualified and interested, click on “click here to apply online”.  All applicants must complete an application in full in order to be considered for employment at Sentara RMH.

Q: Do I have to get a flu shot?
A: Sentara RMH has adopted an influenza prevention policy that will require all employees, physicians, volunteers, students and vendors to be immunized against the flu or to wear a mask while at any Sentara RMH facility if they are unable or unwilling to receive the flu vaccine.

This policy is based on evidence that shows healthcare workers can unintentionally expose patients to seasonal influenza if the workers have not been immunized. Evidence also indicates that such exposure can be dangerous to vulnerable patients.

Healthcare organizations have an obligation to prevent the spread of infection to patients in their care. In addition, health care consumers also have the right to assume that health care personnel and the organizations that employ them will take all reasonable measures to reduce and avoid transmission of preventable diseases. This is a best practice in preventing the spread of influenza and an initiative many health systems have adopted. It is another step forward in our safety journey and our efforts to get results that count.

Q: Do you provide on the job training?
A: For most positions, experience in that area is a pre-requisite; however, there are some entry level jobs that provide on the job training.  Please refer to the job posting to see minimal requirements.

Q: How can I get an internship at Sentara RMH?

A: Please contact our Intern Coordinator at 689-6200.  Please note: the majority of our internships are unpaid.

Q: Do I have to complete the HealthCare Selection Inventory (HSI)?

A: Yes, all applicants must complete the HSI in full.  This survey cannot be saved and it will time out.  It should take 12-20 minutes to complete- please allow this amount of time.

Q: Do I need to remember my login and password?

A: You will need your login and password in order to follow-up on your application and to complete applications for other positions.  Each time you complete the application, please review your application and make updates as needed.

Q: Do I have to complete an application for each position?

A: Yes, each time you see a job you are interested in you will need to log on to your account and reapply.  Be sure to keep your login and password.

Q: Do I need all of my previous employment information to complete the application?

A: Yes, we require that you disclose up to ten different jobs and details of the positions.

Q: How many personal references do I need to provide?

A: An important part of the hiring process is reference checking. You will be receiving an email with a link from Skill Survey, to enter in your references: 5 total of which 2 must be current or past managers/supervisors. If you are a recent graduate, teachers, professors and instructors may qualify as manager references. Please contact your references to let them know what to expect so they will watch for the Skill Survey web link via email. This will help the process to move smoothly and quickly. We encourage you to login and view the link daily so you'll know if your references have completed the report. If not, please contact them to remind them to complete the survey.

Checking your link also ensures that you are aware of any email bounces that need to be fixed. Email bounces can easily be fixed by inputting the correct email address into the Skill Survey link. Once you do this, be sure to re-send the request to your reference.

References must be completed before a job offer can be made.

Q: How will I know if you have looked at my application?
Each time your application status changes, it will be updated under the "Job Submission Status" section of your online account. The employment team encourages applicants to check their accounts for status change updates. A member of the employment team will contact the applicant if selected.

Q: Does Sentara RMH provide Scholarships?

A: This depends on the position, the demand, and the financial status of the organization.

Q: Once I am hired, how soon can I transfer to a new position?

A: Our policy is that employees must remain in their position for six months, however if you are transferring to a position in your department this can be evaluated.

Q: If I have been involuntarily terminated from Sentara RMH, am I eligible for rehire?

A: For a period of one year, we do not consider previous employees for employment that were involuntarily terminated.  If you are still interested in employment after one year you are welcomed to apply.  Please note that an involuntarily termination as part of your previous work history will be taken into consideration and will adversely effect your chances of reemployment.

Q: Why do I need to provide my high school/college diploma or transcripts?
A: For regulatory reasons certain positions require you to provide your high school/college diploma or a copy of your high school/college transcripts at your pre-employment physical. Failure to do this may result in a delay in your start date. Please refer to you employment offer letter to see which (if any) is needed or contact Human Resources at 689-6200.

Q: If I don't have a computer, how can I apply for positions at Sentara?
A: You may visit the Sentara Human Resource Center nearest you Computers are also available at most public libraries.

Q: Who can I contact if I need an accommodation for special assistance in completing my application?
A: If you are a person with a disability and require assistance with the employment process, please contact Sentara Recruitment at 757-228-7408, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Q: Why is Sentara RMH a tobacco-free workplace?
A: Sentara RMH is a tobacco-free workplace. Employees are not permitted to use tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, during work hours as the smell of smoke can be offensive or even cause reactions to patients, visitors, coworkers, or physicians.

Q: How do I complete references?
A: You will receive an email from Skill Survey. This is the third party company that we use to complete employment references. References need to be completed before an offer can be made. To prepare, please have a total of five email addresses, two of them being either current or previous supervisors (the others can be more professional, mentors, co-workers, etc).

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