Our New Logo


The new RMH Hospital and Health Campus is located in a beautiful park-like setting and is designed to bring the best of 21st century healthcare, wellness, and medical care to our community.

The new RMH logo is designed to reflect the healing environment of the new Hospital and Health Campus and to convey the exciting future of healthcare in our community. The comforting tones of the color scheme mirror the natural elements and peaceful views of the new hospital setting, while the strong, clean lines and design elements reflect the high-tech, state-of-the-art care provided at RMH.

The new tagline--“Get Well, Live Well”--represents the sincere wish we have for all those we serve to not only regain good health, but to experience the best quality of health and life possible.

“Our new hospital and health campus has been designed as a destination for health and wellness that will allow nature to play a role in healing,” explains RMH President and CEO Jim Krauss. “Patient rooms have generous windows that allow natural light and peaceful, uplifting views of the mountains and valley. The campus will include walking trails and healing gardens. All of these attributes, and many more, support our commitment to improving the health of our community. Our new corporate logo and tagline reflect that commitment.”

We will start using the new logo and name on selected orders of print and collateral materials beginning January 1, 2010. However, you will begin to see it on signage that will be going up at the new campus this fall, and in advertising for the new campus that will begin in spring 2010. We will complete the phase-out of our old brand by June 2010.


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